Kevin Annett & Shaun Attwood – Trafficking Babies & Prisoner Organs: ‘The Epitome Of Our Culture. Everything Is For Sale’

Oct 8, 2020

Kevin Annett

“…Certain organs are very lucrative: Eyes, lungs, kidneys, everything.”

“There’s a big market for babies.”

“They are military prisons, run by the People’s Liberation Army, and they never come out again…”

“One reporter got as far as talking to the guy who drives the truck with the refrigerator that took the organs out; so it’s documented.”

“It’s the epitome of our culture, where everything’s for sale, right?”

Child Trafficking

Kevin Annett

“There’s a shopping list. The Catholic Church gets a quota every month from adoption agencies of the number of babies they need. They then go to young Catholic girls who get pregnant and the priest and the doctor (who works for the church) shows up and says, ‘You know, we could raise your baby better…’ This is when the girl is still pregnant. ‘You know, it’s going to be shameful for you. Just give the baby to us and we’ll raise it.’ Boom. Of course they’re against abortion because it cuts into the profit margins. They traffick these babies.”

“There a whole system in place. There’s even a protocol in place in Vancouver hospitals called the BFA Protocol: Baby For Adoption. …The mother is given special drugs; she’s tranquilised; she’s given lactation supressants; things to keep her disorientated. They put her in front of a TV and give her video about how the church is a better parent than you are – pure brain-washing so they relinquish the baby. They’re not even allowed to hold the baby after birth, they’re just whisked away…”

Child Trafficking

Kevin Annett

“It’s a big child trafficking industry and the catholic church is one of the biggest elements in this whole thing.”

“The present Pope, Jorge Bergoglio, he won his spurs in Argentina: He would traffick children and political prisoners during the ‘Dirty Wars’. He’s good friends with the millitary juntas. He was one of the PR guys.  They killed over 30,000 of their citizens in their prisons in the 1970s and 80s.”

Organ Trafficking – Movie: ‘The Island’

Kevin Annett

“[Pope Francis] Bergoglio went from being a priest to being the head of the whole Jesuit Order in 12 years, because he was trafficking children out of the main Cathedral, Plaza De Mayo, in Buenos Aries.”

Pope Francis - Child Trafficking Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kevin Annett

“We’ve had nuns and priests coming forward describing that.”

“The catholic church did the same in Spain under the Franco dictatorship.”

Pope Francis, Bergoglio

Kevin Annett

“I spoke to people in Barcelona – they are adults now – but as children they’d been taken becuase their parents were in Franco’s prisons and were killed. The kids were raised as lowly little fascist catholics and they can’t trace their parents because the church has destroyed all the records. They made hundres of millions of dollars out of this and have never been held to account.”

“One of the judges in Spain who helped us, his name is Baltazar Garzón, got thrown off the judicial bench because he tried going after the church.”

“It’s on going.”

Baltazar Garzon

Kevin Annett

“When you’re talking about the present Vatican / Crown connection … it’s a huge business. And it’s got a lot of funding from the major banks: HSBC, JP Morgan, Chase Manhattan – the traditional pro-Nazi banks. They do a lot of the money laundering for the drug cartels. HSBC got fined $1.9 billion for laundering Mexican cartel money. A slap on the wrist for them right? These same banks the underwrite the human trafficking as well and the cults that are tied in.”

“You follow the money and it all goes back to Rome and these big banks.”

“The Crown of England is a subsidiary.”

“If you remember in 2010, Pope Bennedict (Joseph Ratzinger), he came to London and he went up to Hollyrood Castle and sat down with Liz [Windsor] and we believe they renegotiated the terms under which the Anglican Church would re-enter the Church of Rome. She violated her coronation oath right there. She should’ve been forced to abdicate. It’s no surprise when you look at history, which is why history is so important right?”

The RAINS List

VIP Child Abuse – The RAINS List


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