“Flu Is Just A Detox” – Max Igan

Apr 27, 2021

Max Igan

“You’ve got things in your cells which are called endomes. And endomes – when your cells get too toxic (from your environment, or whatever you’ve been eating, etc) – allow you to [excrete] toxicity.”

“Endomes will find those toxins in your cells, and then they will leave the cell: They will ‘grab hold’ of those toxins and they will leave the cell. And they will become what is known as an exosome.” Because now they are outside of the cell. Exterior: Exosome. So it’s exiting with material. And once this exosome is in your body the other cells will [register] it and say, “Look! There’s toxins in our body and we’ll start looking for [those indentical] toxins in our owns cells, and they then start displaying exosomes as well.”

So then ‘the doctors’ and ‘the scientists’ will look there and say, “Oh. You’ve got these little fuzzy, spikey things in your bloodstream. These must be viruses that are causing you to get sick. But no. These are exosomes that are being produced by your body, because you are toxic, and you are dispelling these toxins from your cells.”

“Then you get sick and you get flem and you get all this stuff and you cough it all out. You get it all out of your body. So it’s a de-tox.”

“But giving you a ‘vaccine’ to attack these, exosomes, and dispel these exosomes, they are removing the abilty of your body to detoxify itself. And getting you dependant on drugs.”

“That’s how it works…”


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