David Icke – Dot Connector: “Pure Fascism Attempting To Stop The Circulation Of Information That Challenges The Official Narrative.”

May 13, 2021

This is the policy that has taken down, deleted, 800,000 videos for violating [YouTube’s] far-reaching misinformation covid rules

David Icke

“That’s what’s driving the whole restriction / regime – it’s psychologists. It’s about manipulating the Human psychology, the Human mind, the Human perception.”

“The Online Safety Bill: And these are the kind of organisations that it’s going to impact upon:

‘The new regulatory framework will apply to companies whose services host user generated content which can be accessed by users in the UK and/or facilitate private or public online interaction between service users.

They are going to impose massive fines on platforms that don’t take down information that they say is ‘harmful’ – even though it’s ‘lawful’, even though it’s true


The legislation will apply to search engines and the legislation will further apply to any company that provides services to UK users. regardsless of where it is based in the world. Only a small proportion of UK businesses – about 3% – will fall within the legislation following the new exemption set out below…’

“The exemptions are basically for the mainstream media because the mainstream media is banging out the narrative of the government so why would they want to suppress them? And the regulator of all this is going to be Ofcom – a fascist organistion which I’ll come to shortly…”

“So it’s targetting video sharing platforms (user content sharing) and the alternative, non-censored, social-media. And it’s using a phrase which is becoming more and more prevalent …censoring content that is ‘lawful but harmful’.”

“And the word harm is the key. This has become known as the ‘Harm’s Bill’ by many people.”

“So what you’re saying might be true, and it might be lawful – but it might harm people, so we’re censoring you. And who decides whether it’s harmful…? Erm, we do.”

Ofcom is a fascist organisation. It has effectively banned me from appearing in the mainstream media by saying that what I am saying cannot be broadcast.

UK Column News

“They’ve sat around and they’ve though – this is some time ago now – we have this alternative media and it’s a bloody problem because it’s telling people what we don’t want people to know. So what we’ll do first is we’ll de-monetize these platforms. So we’ll hit them in the pocket, because lots of people are surviving on money they got from YouTube videos, etc. …We can sort that out by demonetization.

But again people mostly found a way around that. And so they started deleting this video, or that video. And then it went to the next stage which was deleting people and deleting whole platforms, channels, etc.

So then they reached the point of the reaction from the alternative media which is, “Ok. Well let’s create our own.” And this is the response to destroy that…”


Another fascist – Susan Wojcicki CEO of YouTube: Calls for coalitions to address content that’s legal but could be harmful



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