Max Igan – The Crowhouse: “All The People In Nursing Homes Didn’t Die Of Covid. They Died Of Neglect.”

May 15, 2021

Max Igan

“You’ve got these nurses that are so demented and so programmed that they’ll get an old person and they’ll lock them in a room and say, “Well I can’t go in there and see them because I may be asymptomatic. So I need to lock them in there – in an isolation cell – for their own safety, and slip food under the door.” They’re not even going in there an bathing these people; not wiping them down; not even giving them water. Most of the people who died in nursing homes in Canada died of dehydration and neglect.”

Vernon Coleman -

“Honestly folks all these nurses that are so demented to think that, “I may be dangerous, I may be carrying germs, and I need to leave this person alone in this room to die …these people have no right to call themselves the patiemt’s advocate; no right to stand as nurses – none of the people who are doing this. It’s absolutely outrageous. Thankfully more and more people are standing up about it.”


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