Weekly Round Up – May 17.2021

May 19, 2021

“This is where a consolidation – a back up – must be followed up with, and that begins with a Common Law Assembly. Which is a very simple concept: It’s a group of people coming together and deciding that they are a jurisdiction. A Common Law jurisdiction.”

“I often describe it in terms of consumerist shopping. Just like if you were shopping for a product, you can decide upon and choose the jurisdiction under which you desire to exist.”

“You may (it is your perrogative to choose) to remain – on these British Isles – under the crown authority; you may choose to follow the terms and conditions of these crown corporations; such as the Westminster government; such as your local police constabulary; your local crown tax [regime] – these are all crown bodies, authorities.”

“But you can choose – as is your Human Right, your ‘unalienable’ Human Right – to form assemblies, authorities, jurisdictions away from these corrupt and defunct criminal syndicates, clubs, networks, cults …what ever word you wish to use to describe them.”


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