David Icke & Oracle Films: ‘They want Us To Do Things That We Can See Are Contradictory. …And Once Your Self-Respect Is Gone, Only Submission Remains.’

May 21, 2021
William Pitt - commonlawnews.com

“So we can talk about finding a solution – and we’re drowning in them; and solutions usually only lead to other problems anyway – we can look for solutions or we can do what really changes anything: We can remove the cause of the problem.

And the cause of the problem; how we got into this mess; and how we’ve done that  …the whole story of Humankind, through known Human history, is the story of aquiescence of the many to the few.”


“Look at any point in Human history, of any culture – it doesn’t matter – you will see the same process of the many aquiescing to the few. And this tells us something, and it’s something that people really need to grasp now – BIG TIME QUICK: People look at authority; they look at the ‘dark suits’; they look at the law enforcement (the face-nappies that I call them) and they think, ‘authority has power. I must be intimidated by the power of authority’.

But that dynamic can only happen if the many aquiesce to the few.


Because this is how it goes: Human aquiescence gives its power to authority; authority takes that power – our power – and it recycles it back against us in fascistic impositions. And most of Humanity only see [the recycled power] and perceives that authority has power. They don’t see [the source of the power: ‘We The People’].”

“The power used against us is the power we’ve given away.”

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“You see some of these marches in London. I’m sure the authorities don’t want them. I’m sure the police would like to stop them. But there’s so many people that they can’t even start [to halt them]. And this is the dynamic that is going to bring this down. – where increasingly vast numbers of people don’t just march, but cease to cooperate in all these areas [of society] with fascistic authority.”

“When we use the power of ‘NO’ then we will see where the power really is.”

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