Dr Vernon Coleman: “The Slaughter Of The Guilible And The Innocent.”

May 21, 2021

Dr Vernon Coleman analyses the government’s own shocking figures for the deaths and serious side effects associated with the covid 19 jabs.

There have been a total of over 1,000 deaths already in the UK. And 622,176 adverse reactions after the Astra Zeneca jab alone. Dr Coleman also talks about global warming (the hoax behind the hoax) and looks at deteriorating health care and other news items.

He also explains how long covid has been used to cover up problems caused by the jabs. Dr Vernon Coleman is a widely respected (but lied about) retired GP. His books have been translated into 26 languages, and sold all over the world.

For more unbiased information about other important matters please visit https://www.vernoncoleman.org


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