John Smith – Common Law Courts: “By the end of this month we should have [Common Law] constables on the streets.”

May 24, 2021

“What’s apparent is that they [the existing legal system] will not deal with it [government and administration corruption and criminality].”

“They push it back as far as they can. They do not address the issues, and will not respond to you. …All they will do is bury it and push it back as far as they can. They’re not actually dealing with these issues.”

Common Law Courts

“When you’re taking on the establishment it’s nice to try and get into court but there’s things to be aware of: This justice system – or the statue system that they operate – is not there to provide justice. They are registered companies and they are there for one aim, and one aim only, to make profit through their system. It’s nothing to do with justice and the result you will get will be based on what the government requires. So it’s very very difficult trying to put someone in there basically to use the system when they’re not set up for justice.”

“The Common Law Court will have been operating for four years on the 11th June next month. We have achieved quite a lot of results over the last couple of years which the state cannot deal with. We’ve actually got confirmation from their own court system in relation to the standing of the documentation we produced from the Common Law Court, and also we’ve had various countries throughout the world accepting that and confirming our position.”

Common Law Training Manual -

“We have a new website that will be launched within the next couple of weeks and what we’re going to do is stand up against the existing state [legal] system. That’ll be the courts and the police and we’re going to issue Common Law paperwork to resolve this issue. Now that’ll be the first time we’ve actually done that. And it’ll be to the different state authorities within the UK. They’re going to find it very very difficult to deal with this. The previous points we’ve actually managed to achieve set a precedent – they can’t get out of it – and we’ve had confirmation from their own system and even their own judges. So when we actually log this it will allow us to deal with things like the problems we have in relation to covid; and the harm, loss and injury that’s been caused to the public, and we can address that.”

“We will be commencing the training of the first constables for the Common Law Court by the end of this month. So we are recruiting for this. We’ve got training courses arranged, and by the end of this month we should have constables on the streets.”

“The system that they operate is under maritime law. It’s a statutory system. Now, at this moment in time, unless you’ve submitted a declaration of your birth to the Common Law Court there’s no evidence that you are effectively a living man or woman. Which sounds strange, but that is the case. Now this technically means that the state has authority over you, and you are required to comply with their rules. So the only way to respond to this when they start attacking you is to confirm your position as a living man or a living woman. And then what happens is that when they submit the paperwork to you – or provide the paperwork – challenge that in the court. Because they have no authority to deal with this. They cannot force the issue, and with the paperwork you have [Common Law Court birth declaration] you can actually get the case dismissed.”

“Now we’ve actually used this recently for five siblings. We got them back after the social services had removed them. Now we all know from previous dealings that if social services remove children from a family they are not returned, end of story. These five siblings were removed for seven months and obviously this caused a very difficult time – and the parents were struggling with it – but we’ve managed to get them back, and the children have now been at home for the last three months. Now the same procedure is adopted when you’re in court with the same situation regarding the fines. All you have to do is confirm that you are a living man or a living woman. Registration with the Common Law Court confirms the declaration of your birth. Now when you do that it removes the authority from the statutory system.”

“Nicola Sturgeon has used a document in Scotland, which was created in 1320, confirming that all people of Scotland are born sovereign, it’s the declaration of Arbroath. Now that’s a great document, but bearing in mind this isn’t only applicable in Scotland, everyone throughout the world is born sovereign. That’s the issue: Everyone’s sovereign. But the point is that you have to stand up and confirm that you are sovereign.”

“Now having done that, Nicola Sturgeon has actually argued, through the SNP Party, with the UK parliament to confirm that the people are sovereign and they [the UK government] cannot dictate to us in Scotland. But, because we live in Scotland, she’s saying that it’s no longer acceptable. and despite confirming the stance of the declaration of Arbroath she’s now dismissing it completely. Ignoring that and telling the people of Scotland that we have to comply with her legislation. Which is slavery. So she’s actually binding people into slavery in this country, by forcing us to take on the legal entity known as ‘a person’ so as to allow her to gain control in authority over men and women. It is literally slavery. But the point is that if you stand up, which you have a right to do, under any laws; Natural Law; God’s Law; the Creator’s Law; Universal Law – even if you look at the state system if you go to the United Nations Charter of Human Rights that confirms that you cannot be bound into slavery. Which is what the governments are doing throughout the world. Now if the people were to think about standing together and taking on the state it would be easy to resolve this position. What you find is that there are too many groups with their own personal agenda, too many egos, that their not interested in rectifying this.”

“If the people stand together to address these issues they will be resolved very shortly. Now this is where in the next two to three weeks we’re obviously going to be doing something ourselves to take on the state in this country. So the more and more people that stand with us, the easier it becomes. We currently have, with the system we’re using that when people make the declaration of birth it’s not doing anything, you’re not signing anything, you are taking a declaration that you exist as a living man or a living woman. That confirms your standing that when you do that, and you have that information that you use in court, the existing courts that they have – because it’s maritime law – they cannot deal with you. They’ve actually had judges confirming that. Because they can only deal with the corporation, the legal entity, the ‘person’. All legislation relates to the ‘person’. They cannot and they do not have authority over living men and women. So once you confirm your standing and enough people stand together with this argument they cannot enforce anything on you.”

“Now we have people from 182 countries that have signed up and submitted their declaration of birth from these countries. And we have interest from people all over convening courts, in fact there was one done recently in Australia, and we’ve got Canada and next week we’ve got Scandinavian countries as well, and there’s interest throughout Europe as well. It’s all over. They’re wanting to convene these courts. But if the people choose to go down this route to stand together it will resolve these issues. Because the state cannot deal with you. It’s actually accepted by the statutory system.”

“In the UK there’s now four police areas that will accept Common Law documents. Lawful documents, to provide proof of ID.”


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