Wilfred Wong Update: Unlawfully Detained In Prison – A Violation Of Human Rights. Crown Corporation Priority: “Silence Child Witnesses.”

May 25, 2021

Globally revered Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) expert and child protection campaigner Wilfred Wong has been imprisoned without trial since November 2020 – unlawfully violating the Human Rights of him and his rescue team.

Wilfred Wong – SRA Common Law Assembly – Press Release

Wilfred Wong is a campaigner and expert who has dedicated his service and career, heart and soul, for 27 years, to SRA child protection.

Specifically Wilfred has chosen a field of child protection, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) that defines him as an individual of the highest calibre in terms of unshakeable morality and astonishing courage.


SRA Common Law Assembly – Press Release: November 2020

Wilfred Wong SRA Common Law Assembly Press Release - commonlawnews.com

This SRA Common Law Assembly is united in our unyielding support of Wilfred Wong. We have no doubt, individually and collectively, that Wilfred has become the latest target of SRA occult networks/covens that have infiltrated British law enforcement – especially the higher ranks and positions.

From our research we are clear that Wilfred was engaged in a rescue operation of the child in question, from a Satanic coven on the island of Anglesey, north Wales.

SRA Common Law Assembly - commonlawnews.com

This SRA Common Law Assembly has received reliable information that the mother of the child in question was with Wilfred Wong’s rescue team, when he was arrested with the charge of ‘kidnapping’, and that she is in full support of Wilfred and his rescue team and their child protection objectives – hence her presence in accompaniment.

The child’s mother was also arrested with Wilfred, for the kidnapping of her son. Her son was subsequently abducted from her care, by corporate/Crown law enforcement agents, and returned to the satanic coven from whence Wilfred Wong and his team had rescued him.

Wilfred Wong & Shaun Attwood - commonlawnews.com

Wilfred Wong’s SRA Rescue Team – all currently incarcerated by corporate/Crown agents:

Wilfred Wong (55) of Camden, London – SRA campaigner and expert of 27yrs experience
Jane Claire Going-Hill (59), of Holyhead
Robert Frith, (65) a former psychiatric nurse of Holyhead
Anke Hill (50), of Holyhead
Edward Stevenson (68), of Crawley, West Sussex
Janet Stevenson (66), a charity counsellor from Crawley

[Nb: possession of a knife, even for the purpose of self-defence, is fully lawful under Common Law jurisdiction.]

This SRA Common Law Assembly will be contesting the abduction and incarceration of Wilfred Wong and his team to the full extent of Common Law.

Furthermore we fully commit to continuing Wilfred’s objectives to rescue the vulnerable 8yr old child from continued SRA crimes and will be initiating investigations (aside from corporate/Crown authorities) in order to ascertain the details and profiles of the individuals responsible for a clear and obvious abuse of justice, not least journalists attempting to obfuscate the essence of this high-profile SRA child-protection incident.

WILFRED WONG SRA ANGLESEY RESCUE – Nurse Robert Frith ‘Silenced’?

Wilfred Wong SRA Rescue Team Member, Nurse Robert Frith, Dies In Custody At Wrexham Prison.

Wilfred Wong / SRA Savagery / Child Psychology & Custody / Lawful Vs Legal


Wilfred Wong SRA Rescue Team Update – Anglesey’s Royal Connections


Did the 8yr old child and the witnesses have royal, monarchical, disclosures that were urgently silenced?

The island of Anglesey (Ynys Mon in Welsh) and the Holy Island of Holyhead have long been steeped in ritualistic and spiritual history connected to the Crown…

Ynys Mon (Anglsey) & Venetian Black Nobility?



A deeper look at the history of occultism with reference to heraldic iconography and covert communication via symbology.

Webster Tarpley: ‘London – The New Venice’

Joseph Gobbels - commonlawnews.com
Nuremberg Trials: Just Following Orders - commonlawnews.com


  1. MariaM.

    # JusticeForChildrenNow

  2. Jessica

    I stand with Wilfred Wong. He is a champion for children. God bless him. May justice be done.


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