“These Mechanisms For Justice Have Been Hidden From Us, And Deliberately Watered Down, For No Reason Other Than To Dominate ‘We The People’.”

May 28, 2021

“Of course it’s done through deception. The 1% doesn’t want you to hear the information I am about to share with you.”

“Under Common Law it is your Right to bring private prosecution, free of charge, to any public servant who has been involved in passing or enforcing legislation that is deemed to be unfair by We The People.”

“Why do you think these truths are hidden from us?”

“Why do you think they don’t teach this? Because the more people who know, the more dangerous to the service corporations who seek to control us this truth becomes.”

“They rely on our ignorance.”

“In fact, legally speaking, our silence is consent.”

In other words, it’s not their fault that we don’t know our own Rights.”

“Let me ask you a question: What is a democracy? And do we live in one?”


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