Collective Evolution – “Leaked Documents Explicitly Expose How Facebook Censors ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’.”

May 29, 2021
Collective Evolution - Mark Zuckerberg:

The Facts:

Two Facebook Insiders have come forward with internal company documents detailing a plan to curb “vaccine hesitancy” (VH) on a global scale.

Reflect On:

Why is credible information being censored? Why are doctors, scientists and other experts in the field being censored for simply sharing their concerns about vaccines? If there are legitimate concerns, shouldn’t the public have the right to know?

Facebook Insider Who Leaked ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Docs Morgan Kahmann GOES ON RECORD After Suspension

As of 2020, many of the world’s most renowned doctors, scientists and infectious disease experts in the field began experiencing the same censorship we experienced over the last 5 or so years. Any information or evidence that threatens the “accepted” narrative around COVID-19, and many other topics, is quickly done away with and censored. On top of that, it receives no attention within the mainstream media. This is a new effort in the battle to control the most precious resource on planet Earth, the human mind and how the masses perceive certain major global issues, like COVID, which has become extremely politicized alongside other major issues.

The birth of independent media and people seeking out other sources for information beyond mainstream media was, and still is, a major threat to the small group of companies that have always been humanity’s source of news and information.

Dealing with Facebook “fact-checkers” is another nightmare in itself. Carl Heneghan, an emergency GP, professor at Oxford University and director of their Centre for Evidence-Based medicine is one of many who have had their articles labelled as “false” by Facebook regarding the effectiveness of masks. We recently had an article filled with peer-reviewed medical and scientific research labelled false as well. The particular fact-checker, “Lead Stories”, did not provide an explanation nor reply to our inquiry as to why they considered our article to be false. This is actually a bit uncommon as fact checkers do often respond, even when it’s clear their ‘opinion’ is causing them to think your article is false, not actual facts or evidence.


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