Sunday Night Film: The Firm

May 30, 2021

The Firm Quotes:

“If all your money comes from one source then you tend to be very loyal to that source…”

“You don’t run me and they don’t run me. You want to know something weird? I discovered the law again. You actually made me think about it. I managed to get through three years of law school without doing that.”

“Somewhere inside, in the dark, the Firm is listening…”

“I tell you Joey, every fucking lawyer on the face of the earth ought to be killed.”

“Being a tax lawyer’s got nothing to do with the law. It’s a game. We teach the rich how to play it so they can stay rich. The IRS keeps changing the rules so we can keep getting rich teaching them. It’s a game…”

Mitch McDeere is a Harvard graduate with honors who gives up many job offers of important New York lawyer’s offices to join a group of commercial law experts in Memphis because of some indispensable working conditions.

The new office gives him a Mercedes, extinguishes his university loans and establishes a mortgage for his first house, a prestigious villa.

Mitch didn’t take so long to discover that the lawyer’s office in Memphis is not what it seems..

His colleagues Bendini, Lambert and Locke are only the face of what reveals to be a lawyer’s office for organized crime.

“The Firm” is about youthful ambition that collides with intrigue and mysteries. The young talented lawyer Mitch McDeere, lured by the prospects of wealth and power after a poor childhood, soon discovers that nothing is offered for free: what appeared to be a golden opportunity, might cost him his life.


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