Common Law News Round Up – May 30th, 2021: “We Are Going To Stand Up Against The Existing State System: The Courts And The Police.”

May 31, 2021

“It’s all [Crown government regimes] a sham, and a hoax, and a fascade, and a phoney operation. And the sooner we get this clear in our minds the better; that We The People – as a body of Humanity – need to take responsibility for what’s happening.

The evidence of mass-nurder and crimes against humanity is increasing exponentially because we are delaying; hoping that some other organisation, or collection of people, is going to do the work for us. And they’re certainly not.

Karen Brewer: Bush Telegraph -

The numbers are huge. We have eight billion people, and in comparison the numbers of these criminals is absolutely miniscule. So take confidence, find courage, bravery; it’s just a case of quickly ripping off that sticking plaster. …This gangrinous wound, this infection, that’s plagued Humanity for centuries, if not millennia.

Stand tall, stand proud. Collectively get together. Brush aside theses phoney and fake regimes. And let’s clean the slate – start afresh.”

Common Law Courts

Deathbed Confession Of An Australian Satanist

Satanism -


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