David Icke – Dot Connector: “The Simple Truth – There Is No ‘Virus’.”

May 31, 2021

“Is there any proof at all that any virus – as it is called – causes any disease?

Because if you are going back to foundations; back to basics; that question has to be answered before you can even begin to talk about sars-cov2. And its release from some bio-lab.

Is there any evidence that what they call a virus causes any disease?

No. There is not.

I’m just going to go through how they establish that the virus causes anything. (I hope you’re strapped in and breathing comfortably…).”

There Is No Virus - commonlawnews.com

 The whole virus method of establishing it and what it does can be charted back to a nobel prize winner called John Enders (1897-1985). An American bio-medical scientist who was dubbed the ‘father of modern vaccines’.

Enders claimed to have discovered the process of viral culture to prove that a virus causes measles, and the method he used to prove that (he didn’t actually – but to claim he did) is exactly the method used to this day, to show that what they call a virus causes some disease or other – sars-cov2, covid 19, etc.

And so this exact same procedure has been followed by every virologist to find and characterise every new virus since 1954.

So one of the doctors who cares about the truth and who has pursued this whole idea of “Is there a virus?’ is an American called Tom Cowan and he described the process that Enders used, and everyone else is using to tell you that a virus causes illness. He we go:

“If the aim is to find little particles of genertic material ‘viruses’ in the snot – as he puts it – of children with measles, it would seem that the last thing you would do is to mix the snot with other material (in this case milk) that also has genertic material. How, he asks, are you ever going to know whether whatever you found came from the snot or the milk?”

He points out that streptomycin (an antibiotic) is also used in the process which is poisonous to kidney cells.

So what they do is they take a piece of genetic material, which they say is diseased with the virus; they put it in a tissue culture; and the first thing they do is they starve the material of nutrients. All the nutrients that the material needs to function are removed. What do you think that’s going to do to the genetic material / virus? It’s going to make it malfunction and degrade.

So how can you say that the effect on that material is caused by a virus and not caused by the removal of nutrition? But it gets worse…


 Enders described – and this is going on now – the culture [environment] medium upon which the alleged virus grows. Quote: “The culture medium consisted of bovine amniotic fluid (90%), beef embrio extract (5%), horse serum (5%), antibiotics and phenol red as an indicator of cell metabolism.

They then take this genetic cocktail, or ‘medium’ and it is inoculated onto tissue and cells from rhesus monkey kidney tissue. And this is where the relevance of the antibiotics like streptomycin, and others too, come in because these drugs are poisonous to kidneys; and they are used in all modern viral cultures.

They create a cocktail of genetic material from various sources; they deprive the sample of nutrition; they are using, as the sample, monkey kidney cells; and they include in the mix antibiotics that are poisonous to kidney cells. And when the material being tested starts to degrade – why wouldn’t it? – they say it’s the virus that’s doing it.

A virus they’ve never isolated.

And they do not do controlled experiments whereby they put healthy tissue – not claimed to contain a virus – and put it through the same process, and see if the cells degrade in the same way. Because if they do, it’s not ‘the virus’ that causing it, it’s the process.

Every time this has been done by people seeking the truth the cells have degraded in exactly the same way as they did with the so-called diseased tissue. Because it’s the process that’s doing the damage, not a bloody virus.

On this basis we are told to believe in the existance of disease causing viruses. On the basis we have had the world overturned through claims of existance of sars-cov2 when it does not exist – never mind cause covid19.”

David Icke - commonlawnews.com


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