Oracle Films – The Month The Tide Turned: A Million In Motion

Jun 2, 2021

We are witnessing the triumphant defeat of an ancient deep-rooted empire. Across the globe the final embers of a psychopathic fear-forged regime are now being extinguished. As the awareness of vast systemic crimes against Humanity become ever clearer in the light of revelation through the barbaric mass-murder of the most vulnerable. Under the cover of a hoax pandemic, the ivory towers crumble.

There is no repost or defence against a fully awakened ocean of the masses; and the perpetrators, watching through their regiments of CCTV cameras, are witnessing the net of justice close in around them. Unceasingly the planetary population mobilises and organises, rising up to counter the covert and duplicitous terrorism inflicted onto them via those that proport to care – with their digitally enhanced lies.

Magna Carta 2020 -

No longer can the criminals at the controls hide behind foreign false-flags or bogus diseases. No longer can the felons at the money-print press pay their way out of lawful culpability. No longer can the hypnotised hords of frontline zombies claim ignorance as their excuse for, “just following orders.” In the Age of Information idiocy and complicity is a choice.

The epoch of revelation has arrived, and the sword of justice has been brandished high; raised and ready to terminate the long era of shadows that has so brutally dimmed the light of Humanity; through murderous violation, and hateful exploitation.

Jenna Platt – That Nurse Who Asks Questions

That Nurse Who Asks Questions -

At the end of a long, dark tunnel We The People can now dare to celebrate as the new dawn washes in on a tide of reasoned indignance and clear perception.

A new chapter in Earth’s chequered history is announced; heralding as her standards, liberty, freedom and uncompromising Justice through Truth. The defunct and decrepit regimes of rapacious killing and destruction exit, making way for Humanity’s loving heartfelt essence to trumpet forth with the winds of harmony billowing; and bellowing, as one victorious voice!

Round Up -

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  1. Olga

    I am happy to count myself among the million in motion.


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