Karen Brewer – Bush Telegraph: “Freemason Women Are Called ‘The Order Of The Eastern Star’. ‘Demolay’ Is The Order of Freemason Children. They Have The Older Children Abuse The Younger Children.”

Jun 8, 2021
Karen Brewer: Freemason Demolay - commonlawnews.com

The Australian constitution of 1900 was written by Andrew Clark and Sir Samuel Griffith. Firstly both of them were Freemason Demolay. As you read through the Australian constitution there’s a loop-hole. It is in the last section, ‘The Senate’, point 7, last sentence:

“Those certified for the Senate shall be certified to the Governer by the [Crown appointed] Governor General.”

How do you get certified? Well it’s very easy. You have to be, genetically, part of the Freemason Demolay movement.

You have to be part of the Freemason Demolay movement; or you have to have been successfully groomed and programmed through their Freemason Demolay network.

Karen Brewer: Freemason Demolay - commonlawnews.com

It’s only 25 pages long. It doesn’t take very long to read, and I went through it with a ruler line by line.

I knew at this point that there had to have been a loop-hole somewhere, and of course there it was: Under the title of ‘House Of Representatives’ section of the Constitution – it’s cleverly worded back-speak – and what it says is that,

“those chosen shall be the same as those of the Senate.”

Meaning: They shall be certified by the Governor to the [Crown appointed] Governor-General.

…That’s how it is in Australia. There’s an upper [Senate] and lower house [House of Representatives]. But of course the houses are both stacked with fully trained Freemason Demolays.

So that’s why the system doesn’t work.

In principle it should work, provided you do not engage in political parties and that you do actually have a genuine servant of the people, for the electorate, elected.

But that’s not what happens.

Bill Heffernan - commonlawnews.com

And during the 70s the United Nations – which is actually the global administration branch for Freemason Demolay global control of the world – our government signed us up to the ‘Lima Code’and that saw the decimation of industries in both our nations [Australian and New Zealand]. And of course us then reliant on other nations to trade for the things that we actually need.

And indeed that happened around the world. It was replicated in America; that’s why their car industry fell over. It’s all designed to strip the ‘common wealth‘ of the People.

Global control is what it is. the Freemasons actually want control of the entire Earth.

What they also want is the complete eradication of mankind. They only want their genetics remaining here. That’s what I believe covid testing is about. It’s about working out who’s connected to their network of filth. And based on the return of your covid test will dictate what sort of vaccination you get.

That is their agenda. Freemason Demolays are very sick, perverted, people.

UN Pedophilia

Before people were literate they used to often use sayings to communicate with, and of course we all know of the saying:

“Beware of those with a chequered past…”

Which indicates that they are sexually perverted, and it also has a double warning, because it refers to the floor of the Freemason lodge. So it’s a warning about sexual perversion, and that they come from the ‘Mason movement. And they are very sick people.

Here in Australia there was a judge – during Senator Heffernan’s speech he does quote this particular judghe, Judge Gary Neilson – a New South Wales judge who still sits on the bench in NSW. He was hearing a case against a man who was guilty of raping siblings. Judge Gary Neilson said, from the bench to the court, that he thought the law was out of date. That sex with siblings should now be legal. And that it should not be illegal for men to have sex with children.


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