Dr Reiner Fuellmich – Nuremberg 2.0: “There Is No Pandemic. This Is All About Getting People To Take The Shot.”

Jun 10, 2021

Dr Reiner Fuellmich is the front man for an international team comprised of hundreds of lawyers and medical experts who have began legal procedings over the CDC, the WHO and the DAVOS group for committing Crimes Against Humanity.

The protocol for the PCR test given by the WHO and the CDC is knowingly set to a level that guaranteed 100% false positives.

So there is no pandemic. This is all about getting people to take the shot.

Their argument is that – at the very least – we are being subjected to illegal experiment. And at the worst: global genocide.

Dr Fuellmich points out that the experimental jab is in clear violation of all ten of the Nuremberg Codes.

Nuremberg Codes - commonlawnews.com
Magna Carta 2020 - commonlawnews.com


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