Common Law News ‘Round Up’ – June 7th, 2021

Jun 11, 2021


Wilfred Wong – Child Protection Campaigner & Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Expert:

“Ella [Draper – mother of two victims: Hampstead Heath SRA case] was very clear about the satanic elements of the case; and the satanic ritual abuse that’s involved in the case. It is the most well-known SRA case in the UK, in recent history. Which is all the more reason why the UK authorities were trying so hard to cover it up.”

 – Wilfred Wong

Wilfred Wong’s website – Coalition Against Satanist Ritual Abuse:

Karen Brewer – Bush Telegraph (Australia).

“We have decided not to revisit any of that [VIP child rape, including politicians and judges] because the public would lose confidence in the judiciary.”

Justice James Wood, Royal Commission

Karen Brewer: Bush Telegraph -

Kevin Annett – International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church & State

“There were government document destruction teams going around as early as 1960 and systematically wiping out any evidence of children dying. In you can see evidence of these much wider genocidal crimes…”


Brian Gerrish, UK Column

Common Purpose:

“Macro Psychological Emeshment.”

Common Purpose -


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