Bring The Light – Birth Certificate Enslavement Fraud: “By Your Passport You Become A ‘Ward of the State’ So You Are Owned By The Corporate State.”

Jun 14, 2021

 “What they are basically doing [with the birth certificate] is ‘securitising’ which is making the child into a slave baby – a ‘commercial instrument’.”

“When a baby is born what’s issued is what’s called a ‘live birth certificate’ which is different to the birth certificate. They actually call the birth certificate that you have in your possession the ‘death certificate’ because it starts to represent this ‘legal fiction’ – the ‘straw man’ – you might have heard of these terms. The ‘ALL CAPS letter’, the ‘person’ or the ‘persona’.

The ‘person’ or the ‘persona’ is not the living man or woman, which is why corporate entities can act upon a person: the ALL CAPS name that is then placed upon the birth certificate.

So when a baby is born (let’s take it right back to ‘day dot’) they will take some blood from the sole of the foot of the child and they will create this ‘live birth certificate’. Now it’s interesting that they take it from the sole / soul. That’s why the soles / souls of the feet are the things that connect to the Earth (a little bit of etymology there – but this is what occurs). So we’ve got the blood taken from the baby and we’ve got the live birth certificate. Now when that live birth certificate is signed by the parent what they are, in effect, signing is a ‘promissory note’.

Now a promissory note is like a £10, £20, £50 note. Any kind of ‘securitised commercial instrument’. So the live birth certificate then creates THE birth certificate, which is a ‘bond’.

Ward of the State -

“The ‘system’ as it stands is a belief system. That is it. That is all.”

Now the ‘bond’ is a ‘securitised commercial instrument’. If you look at your birth certificate it will actually say that it is not a form of ID. And we actually never own the birth certificate either. It says it is ‘copyright of the crown’. So it’s interesting for us to get our birth certificates and start having a look at them. You’ll have a serial number on the birth certificate – again, this isn’t the live birth certificate. The live birth certificates are kept; and you’re not told about them. And – like I said – we are given this paper ‘bond’, and it’s actually a copy of it. It’s called the Cestui Que Vie Trust (without getting too technical) and there are three ‘crowns’ [stages] of the Cestui Que Vie Trust of which the live birth certificate is the first one.

So what they are basically doing is ‘securitising’, and making a child into a slave baby – into a ‘commercial instrument’.

The second stage of that is when the bond is sold to the private bank of the country. So you’ve got the sale of that birth certificate, or bond, to the private bank; and that ‘matures’ for seven years and then is sold and traded on the stock market.

The birth certificate is a bond like any other kind of bond. Like I say it’s a securitised commercial instrument and you are the security for that instrument. So we are ‘commodified’ from birth.

The elites trade our bonds on the stock market ‘in perpetuity’. Basically it’s linked to ‘Trust’. All things in the system operate under Trust Law.

So the birth certificate is and of itself is a Trust. Like I say it’s called the Cestui Que Vie Trust (1666) and it has these three stages [or ‘crowns’].

Cestui Que Vie: Birth Certificate -

“We do have options to declare ourselves ‘living’ – for want of a better word.”

To recap: What we’ve got is the live birth certificate which then creates the bond from the promissory note – because we are creations and they are dead – co-creations are dead: ‘corp—orate’ so it means ‘dead speak’. And the dead can’t speak to the living so they have to create a ‘paper slave’, and that’s what the birth certificate does. It actually comes from settlement certificates of old (without going too deep into the history of it, but you can have a look into this yourself). Basically all roads lead to Rome you see, and the first Trust that was ever conceived was called the Unam Sanctum in 1302 by the Pope where he declared all living souls and all land on the planet [Papal property]… And he set up the Cestui Que Vie Trust which means ‘he who lives’; basically a Trust within a Trust.

So what you’ve got is where your parents signed that live birth certificate and then they created that bond, that is then sold to the bank (stage 2) and then stage 3 if you don’t declare the child living after 7 years you are classed as what they call ‘chattel’, as property, and a maritime commercial lien is issued after seven years.

They can’t take the actual child off the parents, but what they do is then float the bond on the stock market and they make money from it that way.

Common Law Training Manual -

“The whole deception starts at the birth certificate.”

When we register something – so when you register your children; and this is how this Trust works with the birth certificate – and to have a Trust you’ve always got this pyramid structure. So you’ve got the Grantor and the Settlor they are the parents (say, the mother and the father), and you are the rightful beneficiary of that Trust. And the government agent, usually in this case it would be the Registrar, acts as the Trustee. But what happens is that after 7 years, because you don’t declare yourself living, they issue a maritime lien and they make you the Trustee of that Trust; and they make themselves the beneficiary of your estate …and you are always born ‘in a state’ / ‘in estate’. In the etymology that’s quite clear.

Piracy: State Child Trafficking -

“When you register anything [eg your children] we actually give ownership of it over to the state.”

It’s all fraud ultimately. And there’s no statute of limitations on fraud. Because did those parents intend to place that baby into a Trust with the government? No they didn’t. There was a case called Knight vs Knight [1840] and it stated quite clearly what you have to have to make a Trust – a legitimate Trust. One of them – the main one – was ‘certainty of intension’. Well there’s certainly no intention when the state or the government are creating these [birth certificate] Trusts. And ultimately, like I say, all roads lead to Rome. And ultimately it’s all to do with the Vatican. There’s 3: Intension / Certainty of subject matter / And Certainty of Object. So again, it doesn’t satisfy any of those even within their own legal system. ‘Legal’ is a very funny word, it’s just a word that we like to put in front of things to basically make an illegal action alright; or an unlawful action ok.

So we’ve got the live birth certificate; it’s sold to the banks; to trade on the stock market; that’s the second stage in Trust; and then the third is what they call the Baptismal Certificate. This is where the Vatican store your live birth certificate – and this is then overseen by the Temple Bar, which is the BAR Association [BRITISH ACCREDITATION REGISTRY – CROWN TEMPLE B.A.R.]

Birth Certificate Slavery -

“A birth certificate is a ‘bond’ like any other kind of bond. It is a ‘securitised commercial instrument’ and you are that security for that instrument.”

So your solicitors and your barristers. The first thing they get you to do at university is to swear your oath to the BAR and for good reasons too, because ultimately then your always serving a higher form; a higher master.

The only people that ever win in court are the judges and the lawyers. About 3% of cases actually see any true justice. Because the court situation, in and of itself, is a Trust situation. Again I don’t want to bog people’s minds too much with details, but when you walk into a courtroom; when you walk into the dock; you’re actually walking onto a maritime ship. You’re walking onto a maritime admiralty jurisdiction. And then what they’re doing in that situation is that they’re making you the Trustee and themselves the Beneficiary. And in old money, as I say, what that means is: They make money and you don’t. Because they get us into court situations defending our Rights when actually we should be reasserting the Trust within those situations. Because, like I say, the birth certificate is a bond. It’s a securitised instrument and ultimately what we’re working in – within their system – is Trust Law.

Senator Bill Heffernan: – “There is a compromise at the highest level…”

Bill Heffernan -

“So we are ‘commodified’ from birth. The elites trade our bonds on the stock market.”

Basically, like I say, when you don’t re-salvage yourself within 7 years – and who would know: We’re not told this; we’re not taught this; we’re indoctrinated from a very early age. There’s a reason schools are free, because they don’t want to tell us what’s actually going on. And the legal system itself – legal means ‘form’; the legal system is sent to drain. It’s purposefully meant to obfuscate the mind, as they say in law terms. Which basically means to confuse everybody.

They don’t want you looking at this they don’t want you to know this. Like I say you are basically traded on the stock market.

They call us the ‘goyim’ in legal terms: Basically ‘stock’, ‘chattel’, ‘cattle’. It’s not very nice.

Common Law Courts -

“We’re not told this. We’re not taught this. We’re indoctrinated from a very early age. There’s a reason schools are free. …They don’t want you looking at this. They don’t want you to know this.”

And unfortunately when we register anything we actually give ownership of it over to the state. It is all fraud and there’s no statute of limitations on fraud. So we can call this deception out. And we call it a ‘Justinian deception’ . Which basically means that we give up our unalienable Rights of the Creator, under Adam, for the benefits and privileges of the state, and we become citizens. Citizen, in legal terms, means slave – which is where you then get the terms ‘citizen-ship’ because all of the language of the maritime and admiralty jurisdiction is all to do with being on the sea. The (un)Holy Vatican See – and, like I say, all roads lead to Rome.

“You are basically traded on the stock market. They call us the ‘goyim’ which is a legal term for basically stock, cattle, chattel…”

And that’s basically how they can then create all these statutes and acts, and – putting it into real terms with what we’re seeing outside with all these draconian, authoritarian rules going on – we don’t have to actually abide by them. They do require our consent.

It is the people that create the law. They are public servants. They are in service to us. What they’ve done is that they’ve flipped that apex …and we need to flip it back…”

Kali Spell – Bring The Light

“The ‘bond’ [of the child and the birth cerificate] is then sold to the private bank of the country [eg: Bank of England]. That then ‘matures’ for seven years and is then sold on the stock market.”

Bring The Light -

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  1. Kristy

    I have learnt this the hard way. My Father was taken by the public trustee & guardians . Tortured to death in nsw Australia. To gain the value of his estate in 2016.
    I couldn’t work out at the time , why the hell was the government trying to kill my Dad . He was only 69yo. Yet they did . It’s been 5 years now & I’m still learning about this insane fraud & deception.

    Many people have thought I’m crazy talking about this stuff. But all the pieces of the puzzle are all there . With this current Plandemic “COVID -19 “ it’s how $$ is created

    I’m wanting to speak to someone who has done the entire process .

    I want to track down my Dads estate as well . To follow the $ trail & hold those greedy bastards accountable for murdering my father .

    I want out of this fraudulent system .


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