Gemma O’Doherty – Experimental Covid Injections Have Killed Tens Of Thousands: “The Death Toll And Injury Toll From The Covid Vaccine Is Soaring.”

Jun 16, 2021

“In Europe alone – and these are the official European Medicine Agency figures – we know that 1% of all vaccine adverse effects are reported. And in this country [Ireland] it’s almost impossible to report an adverse vaccine effect because the hospitals, and the medical profession and the nursing profession are basically in the pockets of Big Pharmaseutical Corporations; along with the media.

So people who are reporting adverse vaccine effects are basically being told that they are conspiracy theorists; it’s all in their head; even though the offical EMA figures show such staggering, staggering, injuries from this experimental injection.

But we have been getting some very troubling reports from inside this hospital here, which is home to the biggest neurological (in inverted commas) unit in the country. The reality is that Beaumont [hospital] has an appalling track record…”


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