Dr Vernon Coleman – “Any Doctor, Teacher Or Health Worker Promoting The Jab To Children Should Be Arrested For Attempted Murder.”

Sep 25, 2021

In my honest view, any doctor, teacher or health worker promoting the covid jab to children should be arrested for attempted murder. I believe that any doctor, teacher or health worker not thoroughly explaining that the jab is experimental and then providing a full list of the potential hazards is in breach of the Nuremburg protocol and will go to prison.

Actually, I doubt if more than one in ten thousand doctors, teachers or health workers promoting the covid jab understand that they’re pushing an experimental jab. Those who want to know the side effects should watch my video dated 8th December 2020 entitled Covid-19 Vaccine – Possible Side Effects. They should then watch my video dated 2nd February 2021 and entitled `Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine will be tried as War Criminals’. Both videos are available on Brand New Tube.

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“Some schools are hurrying through these jabs. What’s the reason for the haste? Anxiety lest too many parents discover the facts? I can think of no honest reason for all the hurry. It seems to me that they are weaponising children to kill old people. The genocide continues.

Please share this video – or the transcript – with everyone who still has functioning brain tissue. This is another crucial video.

Now, it isn’t just the covid jab. Things are getting worse.

There are plans to give children a nasal flu vaccine as well as the covid jab.

The nasal vaccine proposed for children will, according to information I’ve received from a disreputable organisation called the National Health Service, be a live flu vaccine. With a live attenuated flu virus in it. An attenuated virus is merely one that’s weaker than usual. It’s still live. Because viruses mutate there is no guarantee that the viruses used won’t revert to an infectious version.

The official NHS leaflet is very reassuring. It says those who have the nasal spray for flu may develop a runny or blocked nose, headache, general tiredness and some loss of appetite.

However, I’m rather more sceptical. The side effects with the nasal vaccine are potentially horrific – and include neurological and behavioural problems.

The British National Formulary, published by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says that side effects with the nasal spray flu vaccine include nasal complaints, nose bleeds, facial oedema, and Guillain-Barre syndrome which is a rapid onset of muscle weakness and which can be fatal in about 7.5% of those who develop it. Complications of Guillain-Barre syndrome include breathing difficulties, heart problems and blood pressure problems. Those who recover can take years to get better.

The NHS presumably forgot to mention that. Or maybe they couldn’t get the information on their leaflet.”


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