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Oct 15, 2021

“We have to be unapologetic in our views if we really want to advocate the Truth. Transparency is the way for the freedom movement. Secrecy is an intimidation tactic used in war. We want to get ourselves out of the war by being very open about what we want to create.”

“As this current war is wages in the field of medicine it’s important to watch out for the influence of the pharmaceutical industry. If we disregard the fundamental problem of the western school of medicine and keep championing for one pharmaseutical product, like ivermectin, it will keep us in the predetermined squares on the chessboard. There’s absolutely no reason to trust the gigantic pharmaceutical industry, which makes money off people’s suffering; for being able to clear out radiation poisoning or nano-technology parasites. For we have no guarantee what any of their products, pills or concotions actually contain – even if it’s a drug that has been on the market for 50 years we cannot guarantee that they wouldn’t suddenly change its constituents; its ingredients.”

“So it’s high time to stop worshipping the white-coated drug dealers – licenced drug dealers – as a solution for healing. Most of them are still  completely spell-bound by the pharmaceutical world-view which is based on extreme violation of our bodies and minds. Because the western pharmaceutical world-view is just another way to wage war. It is rooted in a philosophy of death.”

“…Rather than diagnosing the underlying imbalance; nutrional deficiency or toxicity; it seeks to only address the surface issue. It does not promote self-healing; regeneration or vitality, but unnecessarily removing disfunctional body-parts; radiating and ‘nuking out’ cancer cells; forcefully muting the signals of pain; instead of listening to them and permanently labelling temporary experiences of  discomfort, into diseases which require lif-long consumption of drugs – which of course allways come with detrimental effects. The petro-chemical based pharmaseuticals increase the toxic load on the body, always.”

“…So those who we call doctors actually have little or no knowledge of healing. It is a system of managing symptoms through violence.”


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