‘We The People’ Speak Out – “That’s Right: We All Stand Together They Can’t Take Your Job, Your Dignity, Your Pride…”

Oct 17, 2021

We The People:

“Do you know what the fuck happened today?

That yellow-bellied son of a bitch safety man came in here and told us we all had to get the fuckin vaccine or we were all gonna be fired.

Do you know what we all did?

We all grabbed our shit and head for the fuckin gate. We told him: Kiss our fuckin ass. You can have this job. You can take it and SHOOOOVE it!

And you know what?

Before we got to the gate they came – they told us: “Never mind. You ain’t gots to get it.”

That’s right: You stand together they can’t take your dignity, your job, your pride.

Don’t be no yellow-bellied son of a bitch. Stand up against this here tyranny.

All around the US mother-fuckers are standin up against this tyranny. Standin up for their Rights and their fuckin freedoms. Just like we did.

And you can do it the same.

(…Fuckin yellow-bellied sons of bitches).”

Natural News - commonlawnews.com


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