Colchester Hospital, England, UK – Common Law Notice Of Liability Served: “You Are Operating Illigally And Committing ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.”

Oct 22, 2021

 “We have liability witness evidence to serve to your Chief Executive as well as all of the other other governors and all of the other chief executive officers of Colchester Hospital.

I will be serving you today:

– Nuremberg Code

– UK Medical Alliance

– Declaration For The Protection Of Children

– Motu Proprio (2013)

– Keeping Children Safe In Education

– All of the evidence to show that Corona virus is an absolute pandemic hoax; that you are operating illegally and you are committing ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.

And if you continue to propagate this lie you are essentially a part of that. The Nuremberg Code [document] should tell you all about that. They had the saying, “We are just doing our job”.

All this will be served via Royal Mail as well and it will be followed up by our lawyers. I suggest you have a look at that because it is all legally binding paperwork.

So you’ve officially been served that paperwork. Thank you very much for being so amicable in taking that and if you could pass that on we will be obviously following it up…”

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  1. Kris B

    Brilliant. Well communicated and straight to the point.
    Well done all involved.


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