“You Are Now All On One Huge Indian Reservation” – Russell Means, Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Nov 6, 2021

“All policies were bred and born and birthed on an Indian Reservation, and exported to the world, and that comes back on the backs of the American People.

You have a near perfect document: In the words of Benjamin Franklin, in 1744, to a collection of colonists discussing freedom – he said to them: “A near perfect Union that has endured for centuries; why cannot we foirm a more perfect Union?” So they’re talking about the Iroquois’ Confederacy, and that’s where the Constitution comes from. Because in 1988, on the 200 year anniversary of the Constitution, it was a unanimous thank you by the congress of the United States: They sent in writing to the Six Nations – Iroquois’ Confederacy – thanking them for their input into the Constitution and the formation of the United States of America.

So you see the Constitution is Indian Law.

By the beginning of tghe 1840s they start stripping away your freedoms, by developing the ‘corporation’.

In the 1870s that’s when they starting giving the banks the right to rule…

The history of the Indian and the history of the American have now come full circle and were intertwined in the dictatorial policies of those that control monetary system of America.”


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