Royal Canadian Police Hunt & Kill Native ‘Clan Mothers’

Nov 10, 2021

“The pale people and the white robes will come like locusts but they will destroy themselves and the land will return to our people.” 

– Wandering Spirit, Cree medicine man, 1885

Clan Mothers -

I first met Lillian Shirt in the land of our mutual ancestors, south of Edmonton in the long-grass prairie country. The elderly Cree woman was speaking to a group of other survivors about her imprisonment as a child at the United Church’s Charles Camsell hospital, where she was used in deadly drug testing experiments. As she was enduring that torture as an eight-year-old in Edmonton, I was being born only a mile away.

Perhaps this synchronicity in our lives is what helped us to hit it off right away. Over the years that followed, we worked together in our campaign to confront the Canadian Holocaust. And Lillian shared with me her extraordinary life as a spirit dancer and medicine woman, and how her rootedness in her land and the way of her ancestors had helped her to survive genocide. For she was the great-granddaughter of Wandering Spirit, the Cree visionary who had led the fight against catholic church missionaries and Mounties during the Riel Rebellion of 1885.

Grandfather saw the coming of the white men in his dreams,” she explained to me as we drove through eastern Alberta to the place where Wandering Spirit was eventually hanged by the RCMP.

“In his vision, he saw these iron fences falling on our land, making it a prison for our people. And he saw it was the white robed priests who caused it all. So, when the catholics arrived and sent Mounties to pull down Grandfather’s medicine lodge, he went to the church of the local priest and said, ‘You have destroyed my sacred place, so I am going to destroy yours. But I am going to be fair and give you a day to leave my land.’ Well, the priest refused to leave so the next day Grandfather went into the church and shot him dead, then burned the church to the ground. Then he went and shot the Mountie and the factor of the Hudson’s Bay company. He knew those men would kill his people unless he stopped them.”

This past week, other indigenous warriors like Wandering Spirit have issued the same warning to the catholic church and to one white robe in particular whose name is Jorge Bergoglio. They are the elders of ten traditional nations across Canada, and they have given notice to so-called Pope Francis that if he comes to their territories he will be arrested. In their words,

“If the man calling himself ‘Pope Francis’ trespasses on our land he will be arrested by our warriors and surrendered to the International Common Law Court of Justice … We do not want or need an ‘apology’ from the polluted lips of Bergoglio and his church that has our blood on its hands!”


Clan Mothers -

Kevin Annett – Annett’s Weekly No. 4, November 10

‘Advice to a Pope Evading Arrest, and the Real Virus Within’

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