Ontario: Corporal Daniel Bulford – Trudeau’s Personal Sniper Leaves Position Over Vaccine Mandate

Nov 16, 2021

I knew that it was coming. I knew that that was going to be the result of what I had done – speaking out in previous interviews. So it wasn’t unexpected.

The hardest part, sincerely, is to leave my team-mates. They were like family, and most of them are very supportive of my decision.

…I always refer to it as the ‘official narrative’; what we are seeing from the government and the media, and the public health officials – and the counter-narrative. And so I wanted to be objective, I wanted to give a fair shake to both sides of the argument.

I noticed some recurring themes that were a concern to me. …I refer to them as the ‘3 Consistent Themes’:

1) General blanket statements. Without providing detailed evidence and information to support it (and I’ve looked hard). …As if it’s a set up. As if the science is completely settled, and if you question it you’re an idiot.

2) Verbal, condescending attacks. towards anyone who counters the narrative. That to me is like the hallmark of a bully. I’ve experienced that in my youth, and I’ve experienced that throughout my entire military service. Not in my unit, but in other aspects of the RCMP like: “How dare you question my authority?”

3) Supression and censorship of thousands of scientific and medical experts directly related to these fields. And then the latest one of all is the inappropriate analogies that I keep hearing comparing these ‘vaccine products’ to comets / seatbelts / body armour. The seatbelt / body armour one I’ve heard repeatedly in a policing role. …The cartoonist like graphics, explaining how these things work. I feel like that’s an insult to the population’s intelligence. If you have to dumb it down for the masses…


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