Dec 2, 2021

Max Igan – The Crowhouse: 5G Towers Hidden As Chimneys In Denmark / Burned As Bio-Weapons In India

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EMF Radiation Offensive:

An increasingly desperate clandestine network of mass-murder occupies our attention, via the media waves, utilising their injection offensive and hoax pandemic narrative; meanwhile the incremental EMF assault on Humnaity continues in the shadowy wings of this covert theatre of war.

Already some domestic wi-fi corporations are admitting publicly to blasting up to 40Ghz of radiation into homes, creeping closer and closer to that 60Ghz label of ‘Weapons Grade EMF’.

But an increasingly pertinent question becomes, “Are the alleged virus victims being ‘smart fried’ by contemporary upgrades to Nicolas Tesla’s lethal EMF studies many decades ago?” and, “Why has Elon Musk’s corporation launched tens of thousands of low-altitude satelites?”

Tesla, 5G & Weapons Grade EMFs

Barrie Trower – Physicist & Former Inteligence Weapons Expert

EMF Poison - Barrie Trower:
EMF Poison - Barrie Trower:
Ickonic -


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