Kevin Annett / Eagle Strong Voice – “The Real Question Is: Why Do All Those People On The Ground Turn And Go Home?”

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Kevin Annett / Eagle Strong Voice Interview – 29th January 2022: ‘Eyes On The Prize’

COVID Tyranny Collapses: Police seize drugs and arrest  criminals:

Preview of an Upcoming Global Broadcast by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ)

January 29, 2022

Police in Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands have joined with ICLCJ Sheriffs to seize the outlawed COVID ‘vaccines’, and arrest convicted criminals.

Using the January 19 Arrest and Confiscation Warrants issued by the ICLCJ, groups of police, ex-military, and sworn Sheriffs have closed pharmacies and ‘vaccine’ depots in eleven cities this past week.

In England, these Warrants compelled the British government to cancel their “Plan B” COVID measures on January 19, the same day that ICLCJ Sheriffs arrived in London to arrest convicted felons Emma Walmsley (GlaxoSmithKline CEO), Archbishop Justin Welby, and Elizabeth Windsor (aka ‘Queen of England’).

On Vancouver Island in Canada, two felons convicted by the ICLCJ were arrested and held in a local police detention facility. One of them agreed to name others who are involved in the offshore China-Canada organ and drug trafficking trade, and to lead ICLCJ Sheriffs to the site of a mass grave of children killed in recent Big Pharma drug experiments.

Complete details and more breaking news on this historic takedown of the global Corporatocracy will be announced this Sunday, January 30 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, and 11 pm GMT on – The Voice of the Republic and the Resistance AND on Monday, January 31 in a global broadcast to be posted at under ITCCS Updates.


Issued by the ICLCJ and its Chief Field Secretary Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice on January 29, 2022

Kevin Annett -
Kevin Annett -
Kevin Annett -

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