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David Icke:

“Forget That The Same People Are Guilty Of Mass-Murder, Worldwide, Through Their Covid Restrictions; For They Are Now: DEFENDERS OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!”

"Hello and welcome to this week’s David Icke video-cast. Well, you will have noticed that public attention has been switched and just how easy it is...
Pam Gregory -

Pam Gregory – American Liberty: “It Was A Real Statement Of Freedom…”

"It Isn't Just Going To Effect The U.S. It's Going To Effect The World""4th of July, 1776. Philadelphia. This is about the Declaration of...
Jane Kelly - Child Protection:

Jane Kelly – Child Protection Campaigner: “We Are Building An Army Of Resistance.”

'Alienated' Grandmother & Child Protection Campaigner, Jane Kelly Explains The Extent Of Sophisticated Multi-Agency Child-Trafficking In North...
Del Bigtree, The Highwire -

Del Bigtree, The HighWire – Mask Madness: And Dangerous Oxygen Depletion Levels

Del Bigtree and his son demonstrate the insanity of wearing a face covering with reference to health debilitating asphyxiation through breathing in...
Sabine McNeil -

“CHILDREN ARE SCREAMING TO BE HEARD!” Sabine McNeil Released – Jailed Child-Protection Campaigner & Whistle-Blower Of Family Courts Forced Adoption: “1000 CHILDREN TAKEN PER MONTH IN UK”

"Judges and social workers conspiring to remove children unjustly from their parents." London based child-protection campaigner and whistle-blower...
Kevin Annett -

Kevin Annett Interview – Sheep Learning Curve: Self-Actualisation & Ditching Kindergarten

Ottawa Seige: Do The People Actually Want Sovereignty Of Their Lives? ...Or simply New Overlords At The Controls? Kevin Annett considers the...
Dr Steve miller - Parental Alienation:

Dr Steve Miller – Parental Alienation: “Most People Will Ususally Get It Wrong…”

"Yes we need more psychologists who understand Parental Alienation. But the SOLUTION to Parental Alienation is prevention. "I think it's important...
Kevin Annett, Common Law ICLCJ Verdict -

Kevin Annett – FREEEEdom Posse: The Rise Of The Republics

At Large: Windsor, Welby & Walmsley Common Law Bounty On Covid Genocide Criminals A Call To British Truckers On The February Convoy Protest:...
Webster Tarpley - Oligarchy:

Webster Tarpley – Oligarchy, Economics & Genocide: “Democrats Want To Kill You With A Board Of People. Republicans Want To Kill You With ‘The Market’.”

Webster Tarpley Discusses Historical Context Of Genocidal Oligarchy As UK Economic Chancellor, Rishi Sunak Faces Disclosure Of Overseeing The...
WANTED: Justin Trudeau -

Trudeau Bounty – $10,000

WANTED: Justin Trudeau & Mary Simon Crimes Against Humanity A Call to the Truck Convoy in Canada:    $10,000 Reward is offered for the Arrest of...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Indicted:

Crimes Against Humanity

Dethroning A Rogue Power

Gigi Young – The Mad Scientists Of Atlantis: “So, Let’s Go Deeper Into Their Satanic Religious System…”

Ritual magick using DNA[1hr 39mins]"How do you use DNA in a ritual way? How do you use a Human Being as a ritual force? How can DNA be a magical aym? ...I thought it was just a crystal, a few herbs and some standing stones or whatever? So, you can absolutely use DNA...

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Max Igan – The Crowhouse: Microwave Radiation Controlling Human Behaviour

DARPA - "A New Form Of Mind Control... Your Mobile Phone Is The Gateway."  The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth. - George Orwell "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an...

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US Marine – Covid Court Marshal: “They Have The Authority To Issue A Death Sentence.”

Execution Power For Unjabbed Troops Claimed By USA Military Court Marshals: "In the next 60 seconds I'm going to blast through the most recent information regarding the Marine Corps' current mandate: This video doesn't apply to you if you've [already] got it [the...

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BBC Drama, 2019 – Teenage Girl To Parents: “I’m Transhuman, I’m Going To Become Digital.”

James Corbett Researches The Globalist Agenda Of Transhumanism: While the preliminary stages (transexuality and transgender) are consolidated, globally, by the covert societal engineers of Human perception and belief-systems - namely the media, education and politics...

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London Freedom Rally: “What Is Killing People Now Is ‘Vaccine’ Injury!”

"My Job Is To Comfort Those Who Are Mourning And Comfort Those When They Realise They've Been Lied To And Duped." "Most of the people I know with 'covid' are double / triple vaccinated and they're getting so ill. So what they're trying to do is to get you to do a...

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21st Century Wire – Autism In California Rises To 1 in 16 Children: “Big Pharma Using Same Playbook To Gaslight Victims Of Covid Vaccine Injuries.”

CDC, Mainstream Media Cover-up Decades of Child Vaccine Injuries The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its latest autism report, where it summarily whitewashed the rise in autism as supposedly due to “more awareness” – rather than any...

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Gemma O’Doherty & Struck-Off Doctor, Gerry Waters: “I Got A Team Together And Was Brought Before The Head Court…”

"Let's just say that the judge before the head court didn't treat me with a lot of respect, I felt." "...I think I drew the short straw in being judged by her. She said she felt 'uncomfortable' doing it, you know; but, none the less, she did it. Because apparently...

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Covid: Cover Story For EMF Offensive

As the fascistic house-arrest programme and draconian police-state oppression continues unabated across the globe, with increasingly bizarre reasons and excuses being pitched at the public by the criminally complicit media; the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) stealth...

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Dr. Amandha Vollmer – “I Will Not Be Shutting Up!”

"Somebody sent me an email telling me about their 'new practices' in their business and how they're being 'really safe and taking the temperature of the children...' ...BY SHOOTING A FUCKING GUN to their third eye that damages their own sense of Self! Because they're...

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