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Kevin Annett – International Common Law Courts Of Justice: Injection Offensive Universal Arrest Warrant “Financial Reparations For Genocide”

International Common Law Courts Of Justice Verdict View / Download the 18 page ICLCJ verdict and arrest warrants - PDF:Stolen Children - Canadian...
David Icke, China -

David Icke – Dot Connector: “Apple CEO Tim Cook In $275 billion Secret Chinese Communist Party Deal”

This Cult Has No Borders "If you go deep enough into the web then China IS the United States; the United States IS Europe; and so on. Therefore...
Free Parking, Teifi Common Law SA43

2022 – ‘The Common Law Pushback Mandates’ #1: Free Parking For Local Residents

Dear Teifi Common Law Assembly Members, In accordance with Natural Law and Natural Liberty - with reference to the Law of the Land (Common Law) -...
Graphene Oxide -

Prof Michel Chossudovsky & Ricardo Delgado Martin: “A Poisonous Toxin (Graphine Oxide) Is Being Introduced Through The ‘Vaccine’ In An Invasive Way.”

"The solution at the individual level is to not get vaccinated. At the political level the authorities have to stop this vaccine because it has a...
Del Bigtree, The Highwire -

Del Bigtree – The Highwire: 2021 Summary ‘Deception & Disclosure’

The Highwire team compose a hugely impactful and insightful montage of their interviews over the course of 2021, featuring high profile experts and...
JP Sears: Ghislaine Maxwell -

JP Sears – “Ghislaine Maxwell Trial – Everything We DIDN’T Learn”

"The prosecutors must have just forgotten this key question that happens to be the most important question of this whole case." Prosecutor Maurene...
Christianne van Wijk, Ickonic -

Amsterdam, Holland – New Year’s Rally: Riot Police Flee From Army Vetrans & Tens Of Thousands In Support

Christianne Van Wijk - Ickonic Media Museum Square, Amsterdam, Holland: "A demnstration has been organised because we've once again gone into...
The Highwire -

Del Bigtree – The Highwire: Dangerous Oxygen Deprivation Through Mask Use

'The HighWire' host Del Bigtree and son, Ever, conducted a test, using an OSHA-approved Carbon-Dioxide meter, which revealed something about masks...
Ice Age Farmer -

Ice-Age Farmer – “The Global Food Supply Is Being Systematically Dismantled.”

Ice Age Farmer: Food Crisis Becoming A Global Problem "There's a few videos I want to share with you today. The first one is of a man who did a...
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi -

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Microbiologist – ‘Vaccine’ Injury: “The Facts Are Damning.”

THE VACCINES ARE KILLING PEOPLE - DR. BHAKDI EXPLAINS THE CLEAR AND ALARMING EVIDENCE. I have to say, first of all, we must not quibble about...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Indicted:

Crimes Against Humanity

Dethroning A Rogue Power

Dr Daniel Nagase – Official Injection Figures, Vancouver: “27% Of Pregnancies Result In Still-Birth Or Miscarriage.”

"I think there's been an incredible amount of corruption in the Canadian government; provincial government; in all levels of government. The public health system has been usurped and turned into a vehicle for profit, for Pfizer. We have been completely taken over, and...

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Dr Reiner Fuellmich – Law & Justice: “They Have Overplayed Their Hand … Our Friends In France Are Already Filing Criminal Charges Against The Mainstream Media.”

"It's all about knowledge. It's all about understanding what's going on. Of course it makes sense to get in touch with the police and the military; because, maybe, they're going to get the order to go after us. I've seen a short video clip with an interview (which we...

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“Fascism is never imposed by the fascists. There’s not enough of them. No, fascism is imposed by the population acquiescing to fascism. That’s how it comes in.” – David Icke

"We, and our like across the world, are going to go down in history as the people who brought Freedom back from the brink, just as the Light was going out. And way, way into what we call the future, there will be children living in a world of Freedom, fairness,...

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‘Satan’s Crusaders’ – Douglas Duane Dietrich, Military Whistle-Blowser: “Occult Warfare is Very Real”

Douglas Dietrich gives a live presentation on his occult experiences while working at the Presidio Military Base. The infamous occult US army fortification is located near San Fransisco, Califormnia, and is the source of multiple witness testimonies disclosing...

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Australia – Holding The Front Line

Fair Dinkum Advance Australia Fair! History will surely revere the endurance and fortitude of the Australian tribes and kinfolk. As warrior braves battling the crossfire onto the beach-heads of Freedom, so our Aussie cousins have weathered the storms and troopers with...

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Kevin Annett / Eagle Strong Voice: “Pope will convene ‘Ninth Circle’ [Child Sacrifice] Ceremony in Rome on December 21”

Jorge Bergoglio (left) with General Jorge Videla, killer of 30,000 Argentines Bergoglio has paid to Maxima Zorreguieta, Queen of the Netherlands, a sum of at least 75,000 euros as "hush money". Zorreguieta is a fellow Argentine citizen whose father Jorge, along with...

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Pfizer Whistle-Blower – Brook Jackson: “Taco Restaurant / Receptionist Volunteer Was Injecting Patients In very Short Space Of Time”

Pfizer whistle-blower, Brook Jackson, gives testimony of fraudulent 'health care professionals' enrolled as clandestine doctors in order to heighten the toll of victims administered with the duplicitous lethal injection. "There was no qualified staff there that could...

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Alex Jones, Infowars – Pfizer/FDA Docs: “This Was a Pre-Meditated Attack; This Is Depopulation meant to Collapse Society.”

Pfizer and FDA Work Together to Suppress Evidence that COVID Shot Killed Thousands in First Month.   Alex Jones breaks down the 'bombshell' evidence proving that the FDA and Pfizer colluded to cover up thousands of deaths in the first month of the Covid injection...

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Max Igan – The Crowhouse: 5G Towers Hidden As Chimneys In Denmark / Burned As Bio-Weapons In India

EMF Radiation Offensive: An increasingly desperate clandestine network of mass-murder occupies our attention, via the media waves, utilising their injection offensive and hoax pandemic narrative; meanwhile the incremental EMF assault on Humnaity continues in the...

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Right Now – Steven Whybrow: “How Do You Know There’s an awakening happening? By seeing the quickening of the agenda.”

Steven Whybrow: "It manifests as a loss of control by the ruling class that is really governing Austria and  governing the entire world." Gareth Icke: "It certainly feels like that, with this 'lashing out', because it feels like the tide is turning." Dr Tom Cowan MD -...

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