Common Law Court Document

PUBLIC NOTICE OF CLAIM OF RIGHT made under the Common Law

(Description of issue, statement of claim and parties in the claim)

April 4th 2017

Sarah Hajibagheri broadcast a news bulletin (Sky News – see link below) reporting that a mother of

two sons, Samantha Baldwin, ‘abducted her children’.

Hajibagheri concluded the bulletin stating that the police were ‘compassionate’ and keen that the boys ‘return safe’.

In her duty to report obtainable journalistic facts to the British public – in a national broadcast – Hajibagheri neglected to follow through on a number of basic journalistic standards and principles.

The result of which was that Samantha Baldwin’s two sons were physically abducted from their mother’s arms, at 1am by a squad of 8 armed agents who broke down Samantha Baldwin’s door, and subsequently gifted the two boys to a ritual child gang-rapist of whom the sons had given multiple testimonies against – backing up forensic (hair) evidence.

Hajibagheri neglected to research any of the witness statements or forensic evidence provided to the court by Samantha Baldwin and her legal representative.

Hajibagheri neglected to contact or balance her report by broadcasting statements by any of Samantha Baldwin’s family, friends or legal representatives.

Hajibagheri neglected to vouch for the psychological well-being of two young boys who were subsequently abducted from their mother in the middle of the night and placed in the sole custody of a provable ritualistic child gang-rapist.

This Claim of Right requests that the court look to improve community safety and heighten the standards of journalism by prosecuting Hajibagheri for complicity (whether or not with intent) in an agenda to cover up SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) as part of criminal multi-agency neglect of duties.

Had Hajibagheri followed through on basic levels of journalistic professionalism, public perception would not have been deceived into believing that an innocent mother was mentally unfit and dangerous to her sons. Hajibagheri’s conclusions lacked any balance in terms of journalism and had no basis in fact, to the level of gross neglect potentially resulting in further brutal sexual assault of two infant children, and abusive levels of psychological distress.

[Link to bulletin –] Owen Lucas – Plaintiff Samantha Baldwin – Claimant