“Give Me The Child…” – The Brutal & Ancient Assault On Infants, Today

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A Band Of Crown Agents Abduct (Another) Child From Bedroom:

Jane Kelly Explains The Commercial Trappings Of The Partnership Between State & Corporate Child-Trafficking

Could it be true that our top politicians, celebrities, royal families, police, military, judiciary, etc., are involved in the abuse, torture and murder of children? 

An avalanche of evidence is flooding our world, showing that something unspeakably gruesome is going on in our societies. From the US secret services CIA, FBI and NSA, former executives have stepped forward to declare that this is happening on a large scale all over the world. They reveal organized worldwide networks that are trafficking millions of children to the rich and powerful. Most children are sold as “toys” to abuse at will, while others are sacrificed during satanic rituals…


The Tax-Fueled Corporate Child-Trafficking Swindle

The crux of the problem is that as children we are led to believe that there is some semblance of legitimacy to the state of affairs that results in a corporate agency (just like if it were Wolkswagon of Starbucks) assuming authority over ‘We The People’, without justification and abducting and violating our children.

Our forefathers fought and died to end such a criminal corporate entity assuming power; and every counter-measure is firmly in pace – in terms of theoretical lawful remedy – to prevent such a force casting a net of tyranny over the public.

Jesuit Maxim:

“Give me the child for the first seven years and I’ll give you the man…”

)clear And so children become all important. They always have been. To traumatise the child via abuse and violation – ‘trauma-based mind control – has always been the Number 1 priority for our oligarchical overlords and assailants. As the Jesuits said many centuries ago: “Give me the child and I’ll show you the man…

Here [see video] is a young British policeman, in full belief that the incident of child abduction that he is contributing towards, with his cohort of colleagues, is completely lawful and justified …simply because of the clothes he is wearing. If you feel into the scenario, his youthful intrigue at the power he and his colleagues yield intoxicates him with a clear sense of dominance and status that (he believes) his badge and clothing affords him.

Meanwhile a child is abducted and the money machine of corporate trafficking is initiated as another human-commodity is sent to the ‘family courts’ for financial distribution to the care-homes, foster-agencies, adoption services, etc, who look to charge the tax-payer for the provision of housing the relocated child – severed from his home and family. But not before the legal vultures have first claimed their share of the loot; often simply extorting money from distraught parents desperate to be reunited with their child by any means possible.