Teifi Common Law Assembly

Claim Of Right

7 January 2023

Violation Of Nuremberg Code (1947) – ‘Voluntary Consent’ to injection.


Dear Assembly Members,


In December 2021, 385 Members of Parliament (MPs) signed a Palace of Westminster parliamentary bill (Act of Parliament) – known as ‘Covid Plan B’ – whereby National Health Service employees were coerced, via a threat to their jobs and therefore their livelihood, into being injected by a so-called ‘vaccine’ which has evidence, worldwide, of causing multitudes of injuries and fatalities on account of its toxic contents.

This Claim of Right is a Common Law court summons to all 385 parliamentary representatives (MPs) of ‘We The People’ who are signatories to the aforementioned Act of Parliament (the ‘Plan B Bill’) of December 2021 who stand accused of violating the Nuremberg Code of 1947 which states clearly that no injection shall be administered under coercion, without ‘voluntary consent’.


Yours sincerely,

Owen Lucas
Plaintiff of the Court